Your stay includes a gourmet breakfast.

Our chef has designed a menu to satisfy any and every dietary plan. Breakfast is served between 8am and 10am; however, should you desire an early breakfast, please reach out to our innkeeper so we can accommodate your needs. Guests are welcome to join you at the Inn for breakfast—yet, please indicate the size of your group ahead of time so we can plan. 

Your day starts with the finest coffee, herbal and breakfast teas, wonderfully awakening juices, and fresh fruit to get you ready for the main course. Choose drip coffee or French Press: we serve Mountain View Estates Coffee Company, a gourmet coffee company that specializes in the finest coffees grown from around the world. 

We offer a group table as well as individual dining arrangements. For business travelers and early risers, we can abbreviate your meal and/or customize serving times. 

Some examples of breakfast menu items are below. We always select the freshest ingredients and incorporate them into your morning start.

  • Pears in a Robe: baked pears in a semi sweet syrup, rolled in home-made phyllo pastry, baked to a golden crisp and finished with fresh fruit
  • Chef’s Benedict: tasty brie sitting on a bed of phyllo pastry and thin slices of steak and baked, then finished with chef’s 3 cheese sauce
  • Crêpe Québécoise: fresh made batter pan seared to a crispy finish, then stuffed with crème anglaise and seasonal fruit and drizzled with house made brandy butterscotch sauce.

If you have any special needs or allergies, please notify us ahead of time so we can make arrangements to prepare your food properly.