Cancellation policy is 72 hours in advance. If not cancelled before 72 hours, your credit card will be charged for the reservation.


We have eight parking spaces on site. We are also located very close to numerous municipal lots. We would be happy to help arrange and/or accommodate your parking needs.


Upon your arrival, you will be provided with network codes and access to an in-house tablet that includes features that cater to your stay: local amenities, maps of the city and more.


At the Secret Garden Inn, we want to make sure all of our guests are comfortable. We ask that you respect your room and our common areas. Ours is a smoke-free property; please smoke or vape off the grounds of the Inn. City of Kingston by-laws require you to be 9 meters from all public and commercial entrances. We appreciate your cooperation on this sensitive matter.


Our design and housekeeping teams spend countless hours to ensure a serene look, feel, and scent for your rooms. For the safety and respect of all our guests, we ask that you refrain from lighting candles or using diffusers of any kind. We appreciate your cooperation on this sensitive matter.

24 hour assistance

Our onsite innkeeper is accessible 24 hours a day. Ideally, hosting and service hours are from 8am to 10pm; however, should your stay require some flexibility in that regard we are happy to accommodate (please don’t be afraid to ask).


As a Historic Designated Building, we do not have any kind of elevator or lift to accommodate guests with mobility issues. All guest rooms require climbing stairs.